Vittatoe Consulting, LLC can provide a wide range of security consulting services to address the issues that "Keep you up at night."  Whether you are looking for confirmation of your security measures currently in place or in need of a review to update and enhance your the security presence, we can partner with you to address your concerns.



Vittatoe Consulting, LLC will conduct an initial consultation with you and your team to get a full understanding of your needs and the issues/challenges  that needs to be addressed.  The plan will be captured in the "Scope of Work" document which will serve as the roadmap to the actions we will take in the strategy part of the plan.



Once the "Scope of Work" has been completed, the real work begins.  Vittatoe Consulting, LLC, will develop, recommend and work with you to implement a proactive individual strategic security plan specifically designed for your business.  Our strategy includes closely partnering with you and your team to keep you engaged through the process.



After implementation of the security plan, Vittatoe Consulting, LLC will follow-up with you to ensure that the direction and steps implemented have been successful. As we continue to partner with you to  "Inspect what you expect", Vittatoe Consulting, LLC will continue to help you make tweaks when necessary.

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