What were the biggest scams that impacted North Texas in 2018? People beware, use caution and don't be in a hurry.  Inspect and verify.  As they say:  "if it sounds to good to be true...."  


3 weeks into the government shutdown and I've heard some people say, well that doesn't affect me. IF you eat food, then it does affect you too!


When you implement security measures it should be to solve a problem and close gaps.  The MGM put new security measure in place, but is it truly an effective security measure or is this just to say that they did something? 


Nuisance Abatement is not a term you want to hear when you operate in the hospitality, multi-family or any other commercial business environment. If you have been informed that your business is a nuisance or you are struggling with what to do next, contact me today for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation. 


Hotels offer in-room safes for guests to store their valuables. When a guests enters a safe code, the code will flash after entry to remind the guest of the code that was entered. The women who "cracked" the code in a guestroom probably observed the code when it flashed after the guest entered his code.
This is a reminder that you need to be aware of who is present when you store your items in the safe. Is it a housekeeper or someone that you just met. Don't let this guest convenience (to help prevent you from locking yourself out of the safe) be used to make you a victim


Summer vacations have started and families are traveling across country to visit family, go to the beach or any one of the wonderful vacations spots in our great country. 

However, there are criminals out there looking to victimize you and ruin your trip.  Be aware of what you leave in your vehicles, what is visible and remove your valuables and weapons. 


Prohibiting cash payments has had “the unintended consequence of excluding those who prefer to pay or can only pay with cash.” 
The motel industry, faces the same challenges when "forced or recommended" to only accept credit cards from guests.


This summer we continue to see incidents of customers attacking  restaurant workers.  As the temperatures rise, so does our need to keep our workers safe. 


The recent "ice cream licker" incident has brought food safety to the attention of the public. In the restaurant industry, are we "inspecting what we expect?" Your brand can be negatively impacted by food safety violations and or customers illnesses.
Let Vittatoe Consulting, LLC show you how we can help you protect your People, Property and your Profits!


Who is inspecting what you expect? When were your safety, security and loss prevention controls last reviewed or tested? Call 800-568-5407, to learn how Vittatoe Consulting, LLC can help you Protect your People, Property & Profits! #vittatoeconsultingllc


Technology is changing the way business owners create emergency plans. Take a look:


Two mass shooting incidents in 13 hours. Believing this is the "new normal" is unacceptable but a reality in which we live.


In times of tragedies/disasters, fraudsters abound.  Here are tips to protect yourself from disaster scams.


Preparation for emergency situations needs to take place in urban as well as rural settings.  Great story of that training taking place in Nebraska.


Robinson said she believes the way to break the cycle of human trafficking starts with the community having a better understanding on what victims go through. Take a look at this:


Is your basic knowledge of facial recognition based on what you see on television? The average person's understanding of the capabilities and shortcomings of the tech remains weak.


Schools are upgrading their security and putting SRO's in place along with other security protocols.  If using staff as part of the security protocols, what training, testing are you doing to ensure full compliance to the measures implemented.  A simple lapse allowed a gun to get into this school.


Creating emergency plans, whether in schools, churches, hotels or other venues, you must also account for those with disabilities. When was the last time that you reviewed your plan to account for those with disabilities?


Airports are beginning to allow non-ticketed passengers into the secured passenger area of the terminals.  Escorting adults or children, shopping, dinner, passenger watching or watching the airplanes take off are some of the reasons people give for wanting to hang out at the airport.  However, security protocols must not be reduced as a convenience to anyone.


Building owners have a duty to inspect elevators used by the public Is your elevator safe? Texas issues licenses to approximately 150 independent contractors to inspect elevators across the state.


School lockdown drills and exercises are controversial today, due in large part to some troubling examples making headlines.