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As more states approve medical and recreational marijuana, is your company having a harder time hiring drug-free employees?


With the increased use of social media, retail stores have had to address a new threat to their businesses, Flash Mob robberies.  How do you manage this threat? 


Mass Attacks in Public Spaces- 2017.  The U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment center examined the 28 incidents that occurred in 2017.  Click below to see what their findings were.


Video posted online shows how to defeat hotel guestroom security locks.  Why are videos posted that may give criminals additional ideas on how to get into your hotel room?


Interesting article on how employees should be trained during emergency events in the workplace.  Does your security awareness go down in the workplace?


Great article to read as more states pass laws related to personal marijuana usage, we see that the food safety issue related to edibles has been neglected.


You cannot minimize the importance of preserving evidence in investigating alleged employee theft cases nor is it ever ok to use that alleged theft as a front for retaliation against employees for a WC claim.


Spring is here and with warmer weather, visiting hotel pools and community pools will lead to health concerns. Pools can prove to have sanitary conditions and being observant is a must to keep your kids safe. 


Employee safety is a critical part of the restaurant business and thankfully in this tragic situation, the employee will survive. But the question that needs to be answered is, What is your policy regarding weapons IN the workplace? 


Shoplifting continues to impact retailers and police handling of these cases fluctuate across the country.  Return fraud converted to gift cards play a huge part of the opioid crisis.  Should facial recognition software be a part of the drug fight?


Tragedy at a Las Vegas hotel brings hotel security protocols into question and whether guests are safe when traveling.


Following the tragedy at a Las Vegas hotel brings hotel security protocols into question and whether guests are safe when traveling.  Find 5 safety tips you should check when in a hotel room.


Preventing a shoplifting event has landed an employee in hot water.  What is your policy and how are your employees trained in preventing shoplifting events? 


California takes the lead in giving consumers the ability to monitor and hold companies financially responsible for the protection of their private information


Businesses must be prepared to deal with workplace disruptions like those experienced by Starbucks and The Red Hen restaurant earlier this year. How you teach and train your employees is critical to successfully navigating these situations.


While this article appears to be only focused to business travelers, I find that this is great information for everyone providing some great information to help you have a great experience when traveling as well as airports to be aware of when it comes to security on your devices.


Tap and Go or RFID enabled credit/debit cards are convenient, however additional security measures should to be practiced.


Airbnb has become a strong option for travelers around the world and now businesses are turning to Airbnb as an option to their employees for business travel.

I would ask Airbnb how they address or verify guest safety at these locations where, someone making a duplicate key to access a residence at a later time, can return and commit criminal acts against guests?


Is restaurant food safety an oxymoron as this article implies?  

Skipping reviews to save a few dollars now may result in losses far greater than the cost of a review by a consultant.  Don't let your brand image be negatively impacted due to cutting corners.


Everyone demands to be safe and secure when at events, businesses and hotels.


Would hotel guests welcome being run through metal deters and bag checks upon entry to help hotels meet the standard?


What would you give up for additional security?


Many safety and security professionals are responsible to help ensure ADA compliance at retail stores.  However, has there been any thought to ADA access to your retail website?  This is a new challenge for businesses, and one I wasn't aware of:


Cities across the country (like Chicago and New York to name a few) have enacted ordinances to require hotels to implement safety procedures, such as panic buttons, to help protect hotel staffs from sexual harassment and assaults against housekeepers. So predators and exhibitionists beware!


Frank Abagnale, famously know for his criminal career (forgery and imposter) documented in the movie, "Catch Me if You Can".  He is now a recognized leader in cyber security and check protection.


Public Restrooms have become a location of choice for heroine users.  Parents should be aware that children sent to the restroom alone may come across someone that has overdosed or potentially find a syringe that has been tucked away in the toilet paper dispenser. 


California Prop 47 and news like Philly Not Prosecuting Retail Theft Cases are causing increased safety concerns of retailers and citizens who are victimized due to "informed suspects" who know how much they can steal without real repercussions.


Personally, Do you have your families emergency plans in place or are you part of the 83% that do not feel prepared for disasters?

In business, does your company have their emergency plans in place or does your leadership believe that emergency plans aren't worth the investment?  


School districts and security teams seem to have endless budgets to increase the security measures at schools to protect children and to make them safe.  More cameras are better, right? 

According to this study, students have a negative perception to a high number of cameras in their schools. 


When developing your crisis management team, you have to consider human emotion of those on the team.  Title does not always translate to their ability to respond properly in an emergency.


LP professionals instruct employees to cooperate with an armed suspect to end the robbery quickly. I'm glad that the suspect in this case opted to leave instead of forcing the issue. How are your employees trained?
I hope that someone has "retrained" this employee before he comes across someone less apt to be tolerant.


This article is informational for parents. When people mention marijuana, people instantly think about the type which is rolled into cigarettes or smoked in bongs. This "Honey Oil" first came to my attention when dealing with a hotel issue in Redding, CA.


2018 has seen a record number of food-borne disease cases, with 22 safety investigations undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Processing facilities are now processing food faster which makes it difficult for the USDA inspectors to properly do their job.
When will we say, enough is enough? 


Counterfeit goods from China invade the US on a daily basis.   In 2017, the CBP averaged seizing 3.3 million in counterfeit goods on a daily basis.  If you haven't read the 100 year Marathon, it gives you some insight into what we are seeing. 


Kuddos to the Round Rock Police Department for creating a service to help protect citizens package during the holidays.  I hope more police departments will be as proactive in light of the Christmas Grinch's that steal packages.